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Tanbeen Amin

My name is Tanbeen Amin, living in Gavle in Sweden. I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a Digital artist, providing 3D modeling, filming, animation, vr models and photography services. I have over 5 years of professional experience.

I am working in the animation, film and game industry, And also character design, creature design, props and environment extension sets. I am also providing the 3D modeling services for Medical purposes.

(Academic: Mohammad Asdul Amin)


VR / Gaming

Quality model for Virtual reality and games. Quality pexture including PBR texture. Character, Hard Surface, Assets , Environments


Portrait photography, Sports Photography & Wildlife Photography

Animation / Film

Short film, 3D animation, 2D Animation, Advertising, Promotional Videos

Architectural Visualization

Best quality presentation for your architectural visualization.

Top Works

Few of my best works and work in progresses
3D Printing
ZBrush Sculpting
One of the best detailed and quality works of mine that made for 3D printing purpose
Police Man
Character Modeling
The character was build and designed from the inspiration of Bangladeshi police
Warrior Froggy
Creature Modeling
The character was modeled for enriching the personal portfolio. Mr In Chun Park was the illustrator of the character. And I modeled it in 3d.
He is a very self-motivated individual and a real pleasure to teach, he absorbs information extremely fast and has produced some very engaging work and makes very good use of his imagination and creativity, He demonstrates passion, attentiveness and mental presence and this shows through in his creative quality which is already very high. He has so far shown great potential and is without doubt a diamond in a rough and just needs to keep this up, he has been present for every class and his finished project is excellent!
I came to know Mohammad through correspondence on the internet. At the time, he was learning 3d modelling. Since that time, roughly 4 years, he has distinguished himself by his technical skills and creative expression. I would rank him in the top of his talents and abilities. He has also been a contribution to his community as teacher and advisor. Overall, Tanbeen is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills. His overall intelligence is also reflected in his achievements post-graduation. Not only has he become an accomplished 3dartist, he’s started at University in Gävle, Sweden, in engineering studies as well as faculty and adjunct positions at several schools in Bangladesh. At a personal level, Tanbeen is a well-disciplined, industrious student with a pleasant personality. He goes well beyond the requirements in the quantity and quality of his personal projects, putting in a lot of extra time every week. Throughout the years, he demonstrates great perseverance and initiative to continue learning. Every project he creates, I notice that he was not only interested in and motivated to learn the material, but put great work into assimilating it to his own experience and developing his project.
Tanbeen is a good designer and you should hire him for your task. Things I really appreciate with him: He does not give me a headache and he solves the problems. Instead of being a problem, he actually solves the problems! He is almost always on time this is really important and after some time I've built trust in him, he won't sit around and waste time. I worked with at least 6-7 designers so far and he indeed is the one that makes my job and his job very easy.


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